School timetable software

If you’ve been tasked with creating the timetable for your school then can help! We help leaders in education get the most out of their school schedules - whether it be improving learning outcomes or making the most of limited resources. We support schools of all levels (primary/secondary/higher) in getting their timetables across the line.

Why did we make another timetabling app?

Firstly - schedula was made out of frustration with existing apps in the marketplace. Many of them work on old versions of windows or require CDs to run. We wanted to make something more modern that could run in the browser from anywhere in the world. This can help in a several ways including making it

  • Easier for timetablers to collaborate with colleagues - divide the workload, get help with data entry etc.
  • Easier for timetablers to get feedback on timetable drafts

Secondly, schedula was made out of frustration with the limitations placed on timetablers by the software itself. We wanted to create a more flexible solution that would enable timetablers to - for instance - structure the school week as they see fit including having the ability to

  • Use variable period lengths (day/evening lessons etc.)
  • Use multiple grid/week structures (for schools spanning multiple age ranges e.g. primary/secondary)

Thirdly, we found that other solutions have elaborate auto-solver solutions that work in the demo video, but fall short in reality. We wanted to make a school timetabling app that would make it as easy as possible to timetable manually. Timetabling is a deliberate process that must be human-lead, aided by computers. Every single decision that a timetable makes can affect learning outcomes and such things shouldn’t be left to random.

How to get started?

Our timetabling software is free while in beta, so signup and we’ll be in touch!

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